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Has your car recently failed it MOT? Is the cost to get it to pass more than the car is worth? Unfortunately there comes a time in every cars life when this happens. Here at scrap my old car .com we specialise in purchasing vehicles that have reached this time in their life cycle.

If it is time for your vehicle to be scrapped you have found the right place. Here at scrap my old we offer prices that will beat any weigh bridge / scrap yard that will recycle your vehicle. All of our prices are guaranteed to be exactly what we pay you when we collect your vehicle.

When we purchase a vehicle we never put a car back on the road. This gives our customers the peace of mind needed when disposing of their old car. Every vehicle we purchase is given a certificate of destruction done directly on the DVLA’s online system and we can email you a copy free of charge for your own records.

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At we think it is important to let our customers know exactly who they are selling their scrap car to. That is why here on this page you can find out about all the companies we represent... Read More.

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